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Why Us?

The PCRG Dental Resource brings unique experience and expertise through our specialized approach, experience and team.


  • Starts with you. It’s focused on your goals, your vision, not driven by a product or strategy
  • Planning Process allows us to understand your goals and work with you to build your financial roadmap
  • Scheduled Plan Reviews to evaluate your plan against your goal and never leave you wondering when you’ll hear from us


  • Exclusively focused on needs of dental professionals
  • Financial planning experience drawn from diverse backgrounds in the dental industry


  • We work collaboratively, joining financial planning, investment and insurance specialists
  • We utilize an extended network of CPAs, attorneys, bankers, practice management consultants, and many others all focused on the needs of dental professionals

We love working with dental professionals, their practices and their families. Our time, energy and effort is spent getting to know your industry and those who can help you succeed. We look forward to meeting you!